People are prone to several injuries while working on the sea and inland waterways. The injuries cause financial, physical and emotional losses. There is always a need to have compensation for offshore injuries, and one should seek help from an attorney for guidance on recovering the losses.


Types of Injuries

1) Offshore Rig Injuries

Drilling for gas and oil at the sea requires hard work, and the workers often face rough seas and long hours during the activity. Workers also use heavy equipment that takes so much of their efforts. Lack of safety regulations from an employer, or carelessness on the part of the employee can cause an accident.

2) Deck Accidents

Sometimes maritime workers encounter machine failure during their operations. They are also at risk since they can slip and fall on wet floors and unsecured ladders. These incidents bring harm to the workers, and there is a probability of the workers getting hand injuries. Sometimes a worker can fall from the deck due to a sudden move of the ship and rough seas, and the victim can suffer back or head injuries.

3) Fire and explosions

Some occurrences such a building up of combustible gases in an engine chamber can cause fire or an explosion. Leaking oil or improperly stored oil can also cause fire. Additionally, a fire can result from a leakage that collision in navigation channels causes. Sometimes fires and explosions lead to destruction of a significant part of a ship.

4) Inland Marine Injuries

Work-boats and other vessels that navigate on inland waters are also prone to accidents. Inland marine workers are prone to injuries from fires, explosions, faulty equipment and other causes. Therefore they also require a safe working environment. It is the duty of the employers to ensure that you are safe at all times while at work. One way of facilitating safety is by investing in appropriate working attire.


When a vessel owner admits liability, offshore injuries can end up in a courtroom. A mistaken admission of liability can have significant effects on the welfare of the company, and there is a need for legal representation. The admission can also create a rift between the subject vessel owner and other vessel owners. Having a legal representation ensures that there is an application of fairness in the employment of law when a compensation case arises. In case you fall a victim of either of the injuries, do not hesitate to engage an attorney. You have the right to be compensated.