TexasSeveral inland waterways compliment several ports that Texas has on the Gulf of Mexico. It shows that maritime activities contribute significantly to the overall economy of the country. Texas maritime laws ensure that activities that happen on the open waters of the country run smoothly.

Importance of the Law

The oil and gas resources necessitate the use of open waters for exploration and transportation. The ports in Texas provide employment to thousand of people. One can find harbor workers, seamen and rig workers at the port and offshore. All these stakeholders need a law that protects their rights and enhances safety in their various operations.

Major Texas Ports

1) Port Arthur

This port lies 90 miles from Port Houston. It is an important port when it comes to petrochemical and oil industry. This port plays host to three refineries, and it has link to southern Railway road of Kansas City and interstate 10. Importantly, the port can handle cargo ships of different sizes.

2) Corpus Christi Port

The port has an easy access for ships that use the Gulf of Mexico. It occupies the sixth position among the largest port of the United States. The port is important since it handles cargo ships and it has a connection to several land-based transportation channels. One of the notable users of the port is the US military.

3) Houston Port

The port of Houston covers 25 miles, and it can accommodate any type of vessels. It stands as one of the largest ports in the US and the world at large. The port can host tankers, commercial fishing vessels and cargo ships. Additionally, the port is work place to many maritime workers.

Maritime Injuries

Similar to other workers, who operate in the maritime environment, Texas marine industry encounters injuries that relate to the nature of its activities. Workers get injured while in the course of their duties due to several factors. However, maritime workers in Texas have a right to legal redress whenever they get an injury. Not only can workers get assistance from the Long-shore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act, but also from the Jones Act.


The complexity of maritime claims in Texas calls for an injury victim to seek assistance from an attorney. Texas maritime laws help a worker to receive full compensation of the injury. They also assist an employee to understand the details of the claim including the applicable laws.