People are prone to several injuries while working on the sea and inland waterways. The injuries cause financial, physical and emotional losses. There is always a need to have compensation for offshore injuries, and one should seek help from an attorney for guidance on recovering the losses.


Types of Injuries

1) Offshore Rig Injuries

Drilling for gas and oil at the sea requires hard work, and the workers often face rough seas and long hours during the activity. Workers also use heavy equipment that takes so much of their efforts. Lack of safety regulations from an employer, or carelessness on the part of the employee can cause an accident.

2) Deck Accidents

Sometimes maritime workers encounter machine failure during their operations. They are also at risk since they can slip and fall on wet floors and unsecured ladders. These incidents bring harm to the workers, and there is a probability of the workers getting hand injuries. Sometimes a worker can fall from the deck due to a sudden move of the ship and rough seas, and the victim can suffer back or head injuries.

3) Fire and explosions

Some occurrences such a building up of combustible gases in an engine chamber can cause fire or an explosion. Leaking oil or improperly stored oil can also cause fire. Additionally, a fire can result from a leakage that collision in navigation channels causes. Sometimes fires and explosions lead to destruction of a significant part of a ship.

4) Inland Marine Injuries

Work-boats and other vessels that navigate on inland waters are also prone to accidents. Inland marine workers are prone to injuries from fires, explosions, faulty equipment and other causes. Therefore they also require a safe working environment. It is the duty of the employers to ensure that you are safe at all times while at work. One way of facilitating safety is by investing in appropriate working attire.


When a vessel owner admits liability, offshore injuries can end up in a courtroom. A mistaken admission of liability can have significant effects on the welfare of the company, and there is a need for legal representation. The admission can also create a rift between the subject vessel owner and other vessel owners. Having a legal representation ensures that there is an application of fairness in the employment of law when a compensation case arises. In case you fall a victim of either of the injuries, do not hesitate to engage an attorney. You have the right to be compensated.

Boat SafetyEvery year, thousands of boating enthusiasts take to waterways to fish, water-ski, sail and pursue other vehicle-based recreation. To ensure Houston boat safety, various laws are implemented by the state from time to time. It is important to adhere to these laws to enjoy safe boating and avoid any legal issue. However, there are times when you may get booked for breaking a boating law. In such a situation, it is always recommended to hire a boating lawyer.

Benefits of hiring a lawyer

Many boating enthusiasts do not hire the services of an attorney when they are booked for breaching a boating law. They think that disputing a court case will take time and money. Also, they believe that paying fines is a better alternative to battling a court case. As such, they do not hire a lawyer for defying charges levied against them. However, most of these folks end up breaking their bank account by paying hefty penalties.

Also, these individuals are allowed to surf waterways with certain new restrictions. You can avoid all such undesirable scenes by employing a lawyer for disputing the charges in the court. A respected attorney will check minute details of your case and come up with arguments that will defy all the charges.

If you are booked for a major fault inviting a jail term, your attorney will dispute the evidence and make certain you do not face a jail term. Even if there is strong evidence, your lawyer will plea before the judge to avoid jail punishment. He will argue that you happen to break the law accidentally without any intention.

With convincing arguments, the lawyer will make sure you escape with minimum possible fines. In addition to this, your attorney will make attempts to speed up court proceedings so that your case is resolved in a lot less time. Due to these reasons, it is always advised to hire a reliable lawyer whenever you are arrested for breaking boating laws.

Bottom line

Boating can be a great way to while away your stress and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. However, you ought to stick to guidelines and laws related to Houston boat safety. If you fail to abide by these laws and get booked in a legal matter, hire an experienced attorney to battle your case in the court. With a reliable attorney by your side, you can get through legal proceedings with minimum hassles.

TexasSeveral inland waterways compliment several ports that Texas has on the Gulf of Mexico. It shows that maritime activities contribute significantly to the overall economy of the country. Texas maritime laws ensure that activities that happen on the open waters of the country run smoothly.

Importance of the Law

The oil and gas resources necessitate the use of open waters for exploration and transportation. The ports in Texas provide employment to thousand of people. One can find harbor workers, seamen and rig workers at the port and offshore. All these stakeholders need a law that protects their rights and enhances safety in their various operations.

Major Texas Ports

1) Port Arthur

This port lies 90 miles from Port Houston. It is an important port when it comes to petrochemical and oil industry. This port plays host to three refineries, and it has link to southern Railway road of Kansas City and interstate 10. Importantly, the port can handle cargo ships of different sizes.

2) Corpus Christi Port

The port has an easy access for ships that use the Gulf of Mexico. It occupies the sixth position among the largest port of the United States. The port is important since it handles cargo ships and it has a connection to several land-based transportation channels. One of the notable users of the port is the US military.

3) Houston Port

The port of Houston covers 25 miles, and it can accommodate any type of vessels. It stands as one of the largest ports in the US and the world at large. The port can host tankers, commercial fishing vessels and cargo ships. Additionally, the port is work place to many maritime workers.

Maritime Injuries

Similar to other workers, who operate in the maritime environment, Texas marine industry encounters injuries that relate to the nature of its activities. Workers get injured while in the course of their duties due to several factors. However, maritime workers in Texas have a right to legal redress whenever they get an injury. Not only can workers get assistance from the Long-shore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act, but also from the Jones Act.


The complexity of maritime claims in Texas calls for an injury victim to seek assistance from an attorney. Texas maritime laws help a worker to receive full compensation of the injury. They also assist an employee to understand the details of the claim including the applicable laws.

CompensationWhenever you are on board a vessel, the operators and the crew have a duty to offer you the best care as a passenger as well as provide a safe environment that would protect you from injuries and accidents. Unfortunately, most of the times due to negligence or wrong decision making, injuries do happen at the sea. If you have suffered a personal injury at sea, you should contact an experienced Houston Offshore Injury lawyer. to help you claim compensation. Personal injuries at sea can happen on a number of circumstances while on board, embarking or disembarking. The causes of injuries can range from human errors to disasters caused by weather, collisions, sinking, and fire among others.

The type of personal injuries that you can suffer as a result of poor decision making or negligence on the part of employees range from dislocations to ruptures, injury to the spinal cord, brain impairment, fractional injuries that affect your sensory functions as well as trauma among others. Irrespective of your injury or how it happened, an experienced maritime lawyer can help you successfully claim compensation. However, it is imperative to note that the amount of compensation that you will receive will depend on a number of factors that include the severity of your condition, psychological trauma, treatment costs, mobility aids, care and support, and pain and suffering you experienced.

How to choose the best maritime attorney

Choosing the right maritime attorney to help you claim personal injury at sea will greatly enhance your chances of winning the case. One of the key elements that you should look out for is the experience and success in handling cases. Choosing a lawyer with previous experience handling maritime will increase your chances of success greatly due to the wide knowledge on how to deal with maritime injuries.

Another factor that you should consider is expertise in maritime law. Sea personal injury claims are a bit more complicated than land injuries as they are argued under maritime law. You should ensure that the lawyer is well aware of marine-related personal health claims, mishaps, duties and responsibilities of vessel owners among other past circumstances that are similar to your claim. You should also check the likeliness of success. Hiring a maritime lawyer with a good track record of success will improve the prospects of winning your case.


Before filing a sea personal injury claim, it is necessary to ensure that you have the assistance of the best maritime lawyer. Although the compensation that you are entitled to get will depend on your injury, the chances of getting that compensation will depend on the expertise of the maritime lawyer.

Most sailors are taught the basics of safety at sea in order to not just keep them alive but to make things easier on the shore-bound lawyers. The more sailors know about keeping safe then the less likely that someone will need to write a check in order to cover some sort of mishap. Knowing what to avoid while at sea helps to keep those checks from being written, even as it helps to save lives. Admittedly those checks will be written at some point, but at least they will be fewer and more far between, and will save lives as well.

Saving LivesMost ship safety is predicated on four basic concepts: The equipment aboard the ship is expensive and dangerous, the ship is in a dangerous environment, mistakes will happen, and the fewer mistakes that happen in the dangerous environment involving the expensive equipment better. The more that the equipment is protected from accidents the fewer accidents that will happen. A lot of precautions are taken care of before the ship even leaves the dock in the form of warning signs placed everywhere and safeties put on the machinery as much as possible, but they are just the beginning.

Those on board must be properly trained on the equipment they will use, as well as any basic emergency equipment. They must also be properly trained in their roles as well as some of the other roles as well; far from sea sometimes the best preparation for an emergency is cross-training. This also means that the captain and the executive officer must also look to train someone else in leadership in case something happens to either, and that person needs to be instructed in emergency procedures as well. The hierarchy aboard ship must also be enforced so that it becomes instinctive and works when it is needed.

A lot of the rules may seem arbitrary but they are based on the idea that rules promote safety. A few rules here and there help to ensure that the equipment will come back to shore in one piece. Better yet, if they are followed then the crew will come back as well. Safety at sea may have been created in cynicism, as an attempt to not write some big checks in response to accidents at sea, but that does not mean that they cannot have some altruistic elements. A few rules may seem onerous, but they can do their job as well as save lives.